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Collaborate With Us

The Mesulam Center houses multiple resources for collaborative research on cognitive aging and dementia. These include well-characterized cognitively normal or cognitively impaired research participants, neuropathologic specimens, blood samples, neuroimaging, and other biomarker data, and cognitive and behavioral data, many of which are collected longitudinally.

All applications for collaboration are reviewed by the Mesulam Center's Executive Committee, which evaluates the applications for scientific merit and justification, the likelihood of research leading to publications and/or grant applications, source of funding for the proposed study (NIH is priority), and availability of the requested resources.

All collaborators are requested to share data as appropriate with the Center.

COVID-19 UPDATE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Mesulam Center was unable to complete in-person research visits with research participants. The Mesulam Center has slowly started to bring research participants back for in-person visits and continues to navigate the pandemic's challenges. At this time, we will not be referring human participants to collaborative studies. We plan to re-evaluate this policy in January 2022. If you have any questions or concerns, please discuss them with your Mesulam Center collaborator(s).

Steps for collaborating with the Mesulam Center

  1. Read the Guidelines and Policies for Collaborators.
  2. Contact the appropriate Mesulam Center faculty member to begin a dialogue about your collaborative submission. This dialogue must occur before submitting a collaborative application to ensure that your collaboration or project is feasible.
  3. Once you receive approval from your Mesulam Center faculty member(s) to submit a collaborative application, assemble the necessary information and documents for submitting a complete collaborative application.
  4. Submit your collaborative application.

2021 Deadlines

Applications Due Executive Committee Dates
May 20 May 5
June 17 June 3
July 15 July 1
August 19 August 5
September 23 September 9
October 14 September 30
November 18 November 4
December 16 December 2

Important Things to Note

Read the Policy

If you wish to collaborate with the Mesulam Center, you must first read our policy and guidelines.

Read more

Key Dates and Timeline

2021 applications are due by: August 5, September 9, September 30, November 4, or December 2.

See Timeline


We house multiple resources for collaborative research on cognitive aging and dementia.

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Submit an Application

Remember to review our policy and guidelines before submitting an application to ensure you have all the materials and information required.

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Timeline for Collaborative Applications

 Discuss with a Mesulam Center faculty member(s)

Discuss your collaborative project and subsequent application with a Mesulam Center faculty member(s). This is a key step to ensure your collaborative project is feasible. It is the collaborator’s responsibility to initiate and maintain communication with the Mesulam Center faculty member(s) to ensure a timely submission of the application.

 Prepare for application submission

Gather all necessary information and documents in order to ensure your application is complete and will not lead to any follow-up questions and/or edits. A PDF of the application can be viewed here.


 Submit an application

Submit a collaborative application. You must submit the application 14 days prior to a scheduled Executive Committee meeting if you wish to have your application discussed at that meeting. If it is not submitted 14 days prior, it will be presented at the following Executive Committee meeting.

 Application review

Please allow approximately six weeks for the Executive Committee to review your application. During this time, your Mesulam Center faculty member(s) may come back to you with questions and/or edits to your application.

 Application decision

You will hear a response from the Mesulam Center within a few days of the Executive Committee’s final decision on your application (e.g., denial, approval, approval with limitations).

 Application approval

If your collaborative application is approved or approved with limitations, you will receive an approval letter which includes the Mesulam Center collaborative agreement. You must sign the letter to indicate agreement before resources are shared.

 Sharing of resources

Once you sign and return your approval letter, the Mesulam Center will begin working with you to fulfill your project’s needs and resources requested. Please note it may take days to weeks for our team to fulfill your project's needs. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

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