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Frequently Asked Questions

Review our frequently asked questions to learn more about what goes into participating in one of our studies.

 Why should you participate in a study at the Mesulam Center?

Your participation will inform our understanding of aging and dementia. By participating, you are taking an active role in:

  • Helping others, including future family members who may be at risk for Alzheimer’s or a related dementia
  • Being a part of the cure; the information we learn will be used to inform strategies for optimizing aging and avoiding disease and disability
  • Testing new treatments that might work better than those currently available
  • Gaining access to the latest information and resources relevant for aging and dementia

 What are the general requirements for joining a study?

We have several active studies at our center, and each study has its own set of requirements. Many of the studies at our center include the following elements:

  • In-person visits to downtown Chicago clinic or center buildings
  • A study partner who is willing to answer questions about your health and daily activities
  • Multiple hours of memory and thinking testing
  • Brain imaging, including MRI and/or PET scans

 Do you provide compensation for research participation?

Some studies provide payment and travel compensation. Study coordinators will be able to answer questions about compensation and travel reimbursement.

 Do you release the results after a research participation?

Some research studies provide neuropsychological testing scores conducted during a visit. Other studies may not be able to so. Study coordinators will be able to answer questions about individual study result releases.

 How do I join a research study at your center?

In order to join a study at our center, you will first need to complete an online survey. If, for any reason, you cannot complete the survey online, a study coordinator can complete it with you over the phone at (312) 908-9339. By completing the survey, you will be joining our registry and allowing us to determine which study or studies you are eligible for. 

 What should I know before completing the online survey?

The survey helps us determine if you are eligible to participate in our research and takes about 10 minutes to complete.

After completing the survey, our staff will review your responses and determine which study or studies you are eligible for. If you are not contacted by our staff after completing the survey, it is because we currently do not have a study you are eligible for. However, we frequently receive new funding for new research studies and will keep your information for up to one year in order to contact you for any new studies for which you are eligible.

You can exit the survey at any time. However, we strongly encourage you to complete the survey in full before exiting out. If you exit out and do not complete it, a staff member can provide you with a return code to enter back into your survey. Please contact us at (312) 908-9339 or to receive your return code.

If you have trouble accessing or completing the survey, please contact (312) 908-9339 or

 What are the differences between research studies and clinical visits?

While clinical care and research are important parts of the Mesulam Center's mission, there are important distinctions between the two. Those distinctions should be recognized in order to make the right decision for you or your loved one.

Research studies lead to better understanding of and future treatments for neurodegenerative diseases. Those who participate in research studies may test new treatments and provide researchers with the information to better understand the causes and progression of neurodegenerative diseases.

Clinical visits focus on the care of a person living with dementia and their family. Clinical visits are appointments with providers in our Neurobehavior and Memory Clinic, and may consist of memory and psychiatric evaluations, disease information and counseling along with linkage to resources that can help with their respective conditions.

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