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Mesulam Center Connections

We are proud to bring you our new monthly email newsletter, Connections. Each installation will offers stories and updates about individuals living with dementia, their caregivers, research findings, support, and more.

Recent Issues

Aerial photo of Chicago skyline with purple overlay. Text reads "Happy Holidays from the Mesulam Center"

December 2022

The Mesulam Center sends holiday greetings to our entire community. Additionally, SuperAger Carol Siegler was interviewed by CNN to discuss her participation in the program.
December 2022 Connections
Headshots of Marsel Mesulam and Robert Vassar with purple overlay. Text reads "Announcement: New Leadership at the Mesulam Center"

November 2022

After 28 years of leadership, Marsel Mesulam announced that he will be stepping down as director of the Mesulam Center. He will be succeeded by Robert Vassar. Learn more about the transition and read international media coverage of our SuperAging program and our annual print newsletter.
November 2022 Connections
Headshot of Marsel Mesulam. Text reads "Media Coverage: Eisai's Alzheimer Success Leaves Many Questions Still Unanswered"

September 2022

Shares of Eisai Co. and partner Biogen Inc. soared following reports that their drug lecanemab helped slow cognitive decline in people living with early Alzheimer's disease, however, questions remain over the benefits, side effects, and insurance coverage. Additionally read recent media coverage from Borna Bonakdarpour and Emily Rogalski.
September 2022 Connections

August 2022

The Mesulam Center recently received a $10.4M grant to continue our 15-year-long PPA study. Additionally read recent media coverage from Sandra Weintraub, Emily Rogalski, and Brittanie Muse.
August 2022 Connections

Past Issues


  • July 2022: Meet the Mesulam Center’s new Senior Community Engagement Coordinator. Learn about Phyllis’s work in the Chicagoland area and a recap of Jason Boschan’s Mount Everest marathon.
  • June 2022: June was "Alzheimer's & Brain Awareness Month." Learn more about this month, in addition to recent recognition and awards for Emily Rogalski, PhD and Marsel Mesulam, MD.
  • May 2022: We hosted the first in-person Alzheimer Day in three years. Read about the event, Dr. Mesulam's recent keynote lecture, and Jason Boschan running the Mt. Everest Marathon.


  • October 2021: This month, we share the exciting news that the SuperAging grant received $20 million in funding to expand research across the US and Canada, as well as upcoming events.
  • September 2021: As fall begins, we highlight the naming of the Buddy Program and the significance of one family’s gift, as well as the latest PPA research and upcoming events.
  • August 2021: This month we recap the research our faculty and staff presented at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference and share the story of a research participant and novelist living with PPA.
  • July 2021: This issue highlights a return to in-person research visits, one PPA participant's story, and upcoming events hosted by our community partners.
  • June 2021: This month we discuss important research milestones including success with neuroimaging and the newly FDA approved drug, aducanumab.
  • May 2021: In May we hosted our annual Alzheimer Day conference online. Read more about the event and a new collaborative study as well as upcoming events.
  • April 2021: This month we recap our PPA Conference, share the experience of one of our research participants and news of a recent faculty grant.
  • March 2021: In this issue, we highlight the different between normal aging and dementia, a research participant's experience, and invite you to attend our online conferences.
  • February 2021: This month, we highlight our partnership with the Atlas Center, feature a family's participation in research, and provide information about our upcoming PPA Conference
  • January 2021: In this issue, we interview a SuperAger, share how the Neurobehavior and Memory Clinic has adapted during the pandemic, and highlight recent PPA research.


  • December 2020: In this issue, we review the unique year, new research on Novel Alzheimer’s Disease genetic risk factors for African Americans, and more.
  • November 2020: This month we offer tips for caregivers during the holidays, insight into new PPA research, and how our faculty are addressing the neurological symptoms of COVID.
  • October 2020: Read about how the center community walked to support dementia research and is staying connected during the pandemic.
  • September 2020: Learn more about becoming a Mesulam Center Research Advocate, brain donation at the Center, and our upcoming Alzheimer Day.
  • August 2020: Our first issue includes an introduction by Dr. Mesulam, a reflection from a Buddy Program participant, and more.

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