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Previously Offered Quality of Life Programs

These programs were previously offered at the Mesulam Center, but are not currently active programs. 

Art in the Moment

 Art in the Moment was a creative arts–based discussion and studio activity at the Art Institute of Chicago for individuals living with dementia and their care partners. The program served as a vehicle for intellectual stimulation, creative expression, social engagement and personal validation Through observing, discussing and creating art, participants discovered an alternative means of communication, reflecting on life experiences while strengthening relationships today.

Stories about the program:

Memory Ensemble

The Memory Ensemble was a collaboration between the Mesulam Center and the Lookingglass Theatre Company. It was conceived by Darby Morhardt, PhD, LCSW, and Christine Mary Dunford of the Lookingglass Theatre Company, in late 2009 in response to an unmet need for challenging and supportive creative learning opportunities for people experiencing memory loss. Throughout the workshops, ensemble members learned to use their instincts, creativity and spontaneity as they work together to explore and create improvisational theater.

 Stories about the program:

Support and Education for Early Dementia (SEED)

Support and Education for Early Dementia (SEED) was an eight-week research program for newly diagnosed individuals living with mild cognitive impairment or dementia and their families. The weekly sessions included an educational portion led by expert speakers, followed by a designated time for peer support and conversation led by Northwestern social workers.

Stories about the program:


The storytelling program offered individuals with memory loss and their care partners a unique and enriching experience through the art of storytelling. The eight-week workshop allowed a couple to co-create their shared story using reminiscence and a variety of in-class and out-of-class writing exercises.

Stories about the program:

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