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The Communication Bridge study is an internet-based, speech therapy intervention for individuals with Primary Progressive Aphasia and their Communication Partner. A Communication Partner can be a spouse, relative, or close friend that will participate in the study along with the individual with PPA. The goal of the study is to understand how speech-language therapy affects communication abilities in people living with PPA. All study visits take place over the Internet in your home. We will provide you with a computer for the length of the study. We will connect through a video-chat program on the computer. The study lasts about one year. You will complete 5 evaluations with a certified speech-language therapist, 15 one-hour speech therapy sessions with a certified speech-language therapist, and home exercises on the computer we provide you.

For individuals with who wish to participate: You must carry a diagnosis of Primary Progressive Aphasia, established at a thorough evaluation prior to enrollment. If you think you may have dementia, but have not yet been evaluated, you must first undergo a clinical evaluation. This clinical evaluation is not part of the research. Patients must also meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Have a diagnosis of PPA with mild impairment
  • Be English speaking
  • Have a communication partner (e.g., spouse, relative, friend) who is willing to participate in all aspects of the study
  • Have adequate experience with a computer and sufficient internet connection
Additionally, participants are not permitted to participate in any outside speech-language therapy during the course of the study

Rogalski, EmilyRogalski, Emily
NCT03371706 STU00206086
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