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Communication Bridge: Using Internet-Based Speech Therapy to Improve Quality of Life and Access to Care
The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of speech and language therapy on individuals diagnosed with Primary Progressive Aphasia (PPA) ability to communicate immediately after treatment, 6-months after treatment. We additionally hope to identify the most effective speech and language therapy strategies for persons with these conditions. Lastly, we hope to determine the feasibility of Internet-based video-practice of speech and language therapy for persons with these conditions. The study will involve 11 to 14 session over the course of 6 months. These sessions will all take place over the Internet, using an online study portal.
For individuals with who wish to participate: You must carry a diagnosis of Primary Progressive Aphasia, established at a thorough evaluation prior to enrollment. If you think you may have dementia, but have not yet been evaluated, you must first undergo a clinical evaluation. This clinical evaluation is not part of the research. Patients must also meet screening criteria which require the patient and care-partner to be comfortable using computers and videoconferencing software. Care-partners of patients must be available to participate for all speech-language therapy sessions and evaluations.
Rogalski, Emily JoyRogalski, Emily Joy
NCT02439853 STU00073634
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