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Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
Mesulam Center for Cognitive Neurology and Alzheimer’s Disease
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Study Details

Language in Primary Progressive Aphasia

The observational primary progressive aphasia (PPA) research program at Northwestern University seeks to study individuals living with PPA over time using neuropsychological testing and advanced imaging techniques. Participants are asked to come to Chicago in order to help:

  • better understand progression in PPA and its link to brain changes,
  • increase awareness of PPA and better educate patients, families, and clinicians, and
  • identify biomarkers that will lead to earlier diagnosis and earlier intervention.
  • Participants are compensated for participation and travel expenses and meals are covered for those not local to Chicago.
    You must carry a diagnosis of Primary Progressive Aphasia, established at a thorough evaluation prior to enrollment. If you think you may have dementia, but have not yet been evaluated, you must first undergo a clinical evaluation. This clinical evaluation is not part of the research. Patients must also meet screening criteria which require the patient to be a right-handed, native English speaker and safe to undergo a 3T MRI.
    Mesulam, Marek-MarselMesulam, Marek-Marsel
    NCT00537004 STU00026372
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    For more information on this study please contact us:

    Coventry, Christina Ann 312 908 9681
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