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The purpose of the Northwestern Alzheimer’s Disease Center (NADC) Clinical Core study is to support clinical and basic research on memory and aging by collecting, storing,and disseminating clinical data. These data and samples include memory and thinking tests, brain imaging scans, blood samples, and brain donations. We collect these data and samples from study participants who are experiencing healthy aging and those who suffer from dementia or Mild Cognitive Impairment. This study is a longitudinal, observational trial meaning that research participants will be observed over time, and data will be collected,but there is no attempt to alter the symptoms or course of disease (an intervention). Participants attend annual visits that typically last one to three hours. If participants can no longer attend in-person visits, we will continue to follow them through telephone visits with a designated study partner.

This study is a multi-site study meaning Northwestern University is one of 32 sites in the United States. All data are de-identified and shared with a national database. There are currently over 15,000 participants in this study nationally with approximately 500 of them enrolled at Northwestern University. Once they enroll, most participants are referred to other research studies being led by investigators within the Mesulam Center or the greater Northwestern University scientific community.

The Northwestern Alzheimer’s Disease Center (NADC) ClinicalCore study enrolls individuals with diagnoses of Mild CognitiveImpairment, Alzheimer's disease or other dementia (frontotemporal dementia,primary progressive aphasia, Lewy Body disease and others) as well as healthyindividuals with no cognitive impairment. See below for specific eligibilitycriteria.

Patients Diagnosed with Dementia or Mild Cognitive Impairment(MCI)

  • 18 years or older
  • Must have had aclinical evaluation with the ability to provide medical records and doctor’snotes
  • Speaks fluent English
  • Ability to providereliable study partner (someone who knows you well to provide up to date informationabout how you are functioning)

Healthy Volunteers

  • Over the age of 55, but some exceptions can be made, especially if there is a strong family history of dementia
  • Cognitively normal,based on an absence of significant impairment in cognitive functions oractivities of daily living
  • Living independentlyin the community
  • Visual and auditoryacuity adequate for neuropsychological testing
  • Good general healthwith no diseases expected to interfere with the study
  • Speaks fluent English
  • Ability to provide areliable study partner
All participants are encouraged to participate in research brainimaging scans (MRI, PET, etc.), donate a sample of blood, and donate theirbrain at time of death. All in-person visits take place at NorthwesternUniversity’s downtown Chicago campus and participants can receive free parking ifthey park on Northwestern University’s campus. Additional compensation isdetermined by participation. Please contact the study coordinator forquestions.

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