Coronavirus information for Feinberg.

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Research Visits During the Pandemic FAQ

Review our frequently asked questions to better understand what to expect when you come in for a research visit.

 Can I bring my own mask?

Yes, but if part of your visit will occur in the hospital, they may supply you with a new mask to wear during that portion of your visit.

 What if I don’t have a mask?

We will provide you with one. If you have a communication disorder that makes mask wearing challenging, we will provide a ClearMask.

 Will my spouse/child/study partner be able to accompany me?

To the building entrance, but not inside, unless their assistance is required for communication or other impairments.

 What if I don’t pass the COVID-19 screener?

You will be asked to leave and reschedule your appointment >14 days in the future. You will still be paid for your time, even if you don’t pass the screener.

 I usually have in-person visits downtown. Can I have my visit remotely?

Some parts of the research visit may be done remotely, but some parts require in-person participation. Many studies have moved parts of their visits online. Your specific study will be able to give you details.

 I would need to take public transit to attend my visit, and I am concerned about the risk of exposure. What can I do?

Your study may be able to reimburse you for an Uber or Lyft ride. Ask your study team if this is possible for you.

 The time for my annual visit has already passed. Will I still be contacted and asked to participate?

Depends on the study, but for the most part we are trying to get caught up and intend to bring everyone in eventually.

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