Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Mesulam Center for Cognitive Neurology and Alzheimer’s Disease

Cognitive Brain Mapping Group (CBMG)

The Cognitive Brain Mapping Group (CBMG) brings together labs on campus with a common interest in neuroimaging of cognition. These groups interact at the CBMG colloquia series (see for the current schedule). Although many of these groups conduct research using MRI at the Center for Translational Imaging (, labs are encouraged to present research using other methods such as EEG, TMS, eyetracking, and behavior.

Links to CBMG affiliated faculty are listed below:

At the CNADC
E. Rogalski

Communications Sciences & Disorders
C. Thompson
P. Wong 
N. Kraus 

Medical Social Sciences
J. Voss 

J. Gottfried

J. Csernansky 
H. Breiter
D. Cobia

K. Paller
P. Reber
M. Beeman
P. Rosenfield
S. Franconeri  
R. Nusslock 

T. Parrish
X. Wang