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Watch Jason Boschan's YouTube video that he created to raise awareness and support for PPA (Primary Progressive Aphasia) Research (10/6/11)
Dr. Diana Kerwin quoted in Chicago Tribune story on Younger Onset Alzheimer's Disease (9/21/11)
Dr. Weintraub is quoted in ABC News Story regarding Rat Robertson’s controversial comments on divorce and Alzheimer's disease (9/15/11)
Alzheimer's Disease: Improv Lets Patients Live in the Moment (8/16/11)
The Memory Ensemble on NPR's national Morning Edition News (8/15/11)
Darby Morhardt is featured in a live online Chicago Tribune health chat, Dealing with Alzheimer's (6/21/2011)
Dr. Diana Kerwin discusses the ADNI (Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative). Click here to listen to her radio interview. (6/8/2011)
CNADC's Dr. Diana Kerwin is featured in the May 2011 issue of the Feinberg Research Office Newsletter for her work on Obesity and Cognitive Health in Women (page 2) (5/17/2011)
CNADC faculty, Dr. Emily Rogalski is the recipient of a NUCATS (Northwestern University Clinical and Translational Sciences) Institute KL2 award for her work on Primary Progressive Aphasia and is profiled in the Spring 2011 edition of NUCATS News (page 8) (5/17/2011)
Dr. Marsel Mesulam and Darby Morhardt of the CNADC are featured in a story about primary progressive aphasia (PPA) in The New York Times (5/2/2011)
Dr. Diana Kerwin featured in Chicago Tribune discussing Younger Onset Alzheimer's Disease (4/18/2011)
Four New Genes Linked to Alzheimer's: In the largest study of its kind, researchers from a consortium, including the Feinberg School of Medicine, have identified four new genes linked to Alzheimer's disease (4/4/2011)
Primary Progressive Aphasia in the News - When Words Fall Away (4/1/2011)
From Stem Cells to Neurons Lost in Alzheimer's Northwestern Scientists crack code to create neurons whose early death causes memory loss (3/5/2011)
Alzheimer's Study Targets Early Memory Loss (1/6/2011)


Listen to: Dr. Joseph Cooper's radio interview on NPR (11/13/2010)
Listen to: Theater as Therapy for Alzheimer's and Memory Loss - Advances in Long Term Care Medicine, produced in cooperation with AMDA. Hosted by Dr. Eric Tangalos With Mary O’Hara, LCSW, and Christine Dunford, PhD (mp3) (10/8/2010)
The Memory Ensemble - an improvisational theater experience for persons with memory loss begins at Northwestern (8/7/10)
Study: Body shape affects memory in older women (7/15/2010)
CNADC Director, Marsel Mesulam receives the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference on Alzheimer's Disease 2010 (7/12/2010)
Watch The PBS episode, Life Part 2, that was shown most recently at the CNADC’s 16th Annual Alzheimer Day. This film features Mary Ann Becklenberg, an individual diagnosed with young onset Alzheimer's Disease, and her family. (6/9/2010)
Updated guidelines remove the guesswork from taking away the car keys" Click here to read the Medill Journalism School interview with Dr. Diana Kerwin (4/14/2010)
Giving Researchers a Face for Alzheimer's (3/18/10)
Primary Progressive Aphasia (PPA) and Early Onset Alzheimer's Disease (AD) added to Social Security Administration's Compassionate Allowances list (2/11/10)
Alzheimer's caregivers are often silent victims - Medill Journalism School interview with Darby Morhardt, LCSW (2/4/2010)
Young Onset Alzheimer's Disease in the news. Watch ABC's "Good Morning America Health" to hear Mary Ann Becklenberg talk about her role as "The New Face of Alzheimer's" on "PBS Life (Part 2)". Click here to view Mary Ann's interview online. (1/15/2010)

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