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CNADC Advisory Board

The CNADC Advisory Board was formed to increase public awareness and knowledge of the Center, and to help garner ongoing philanthropic support for the CNADC's programs and facilities. The Board helps promote the Center both locally and nationally, and assists in securing the funding necessary to position the Center among the premier Alzheimer's research and patient care facilities in the United States.

CNADC Advisory Board Mission Statement

To promote public awareness and support of the Cognitive Neurology and Alzheimer’s Disease Center (CNADC), both locally and nationally, through media attention and personal contacts, as well as to raise funds for the needs of the Center. The Board should enhance the public image of the Center and articulate the mission, accomplishments and goals of the Center to friends, colleagues and acquaintances to help gain support for the program. The activities of the Board will be in coordination with the CNADC and the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.

The Board officially meets twice a year in Chicago to hear updates about the Center and to discuss future goals for the Center. Members also meet for occasional informal events.

CNADC Advisory Board Members

Current Members

Terry G. Chapman, Chair
Susan Spier Chapman
Craig C. Grannon
David Moscow
Linda Moscow
Jason Boschan
Joyce Gallagher
Cathi Hawkinson
Ivan Himmel
Melissa Kahn
David Mendelson 

Life Members

Bernard Chapman
Barbara A. Gilbert
Linda Mendelson
Bob Mendelson
John Van Cleave
Kay Van Cleave

Honorary Members

Donna Elrod
John Austin Gaines
Gloria LaGrassa
Adrienne Drell

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